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Want to create a meaningful, life-affirming career that aligns with your strengths, values, and passions, but not sure how to start? You don’t have to do it alone. Through powerful, personal coaching, we contribute years of experience and time-tested wisdom to the process of becoming your best self at work.

Consider us your guide for everything from shaping up your résumé, to prepping for an interview, to positioning yourself for an exciting promotion. Achieve new levels of confidence and success as you take on new roles, cultivate your management skills, and step into your own greatness.

If your company is ready to produce better outcomes, improve your bottom line, deepen employee engagement and loyalty, increase productivity, and cultivate stronger leadership skills from the top down, Sirius Business can help you get it done.

Through coaching for executives, leaders, HR managers, and teams, we guide you toward effective leadership and people management strategies that will take your company to the next level. Areas of expertise include leadership development, strategic change, employee engagement, succession planning, and corporate social responsibility.

We offer learning and development that results in real, ongoing change including delivery of a range of in-house training courses and other initiatives that will help create an ideal workplace culture.

An effective board of directors requires a special blend of strong leadership, careful planning, and clear vision in order to function optimally and build a great organisation. At Sirius Business, we have significant experience in creating this blend, and we’re here to guide you to the results you need most.

Whether you’re looking to establish your board’s vision and values, attract leaders with the right skillsets, engage your stakeholders, learn new techniques for problem-solving and communication, manage change in structure or culture, or review your board’s performance and compliance with the AICD’s Principles of Good Governance, Sirius Business is a skilled ally to have on your side.

Are you ready to shine?

Are you looking for ways to work and live with greater passion and purpose? Do you want to create positive change in the world, and a values-based culture within your organisation? Are you ready to become the leader you were born to be? If so, you’re in the right place.

Lets get Sirius

Whether we are working with an individual, a board of directors, or a whole company, our approach is the same. We meet every client with unconditional acceptance and positive regard, an unshakeable belief in their capabilities to find their own solutions, and a commitment to helping them create their ideal reality and achieve their most ambitious goals. Our values of professionalism, respect, and excellence enable us to create greater alignment for our clients between their aspirations and their realities.

Our clients are often deep thinkers who care about making a difference in the world through their work, and who seek to live an intentional, purpose-filled life. We encourage each person we coach or consult with to step up to their next level of performance, uncovering aspects of their own greatness that may have gone unrealised.

Our goal is to assist clients in reaching a perfect harmony between their values, desires, and talents. We believe that in this state of being, a person is able to become fully empowered and fulfilled their work, which in turn empowers those around them. Through serving our clients in this way, we are creating a better world in which to do business and life together.

You can make a difference

Whether you’re the CEO of a company, the manager of a team, or the hero of your own life story, you are a leader and the choices you make every day have an impact in the world. By growing as a person and a leader, those around you can experience greater satisfaction and motivation, too. Step into your own greatness, and you make it possible for others to do the same.

What our clients say

“I needed clarity and focus regarding my business. Sirius Business was able to understand my business vision and needs from the very first session. Their guidance was inspiring, invaluable and always professional.”

“It’s let me be the manager I wanted to be rather that what I had expected to be, let me introduce things a little outside the square, facilitate change, and above all have a bit of fun.”

“[This was] the single most useful exercise I have undertaken…. It helped me distinguish between what was urgent and what was important, assisting me to focus on the bigger picture.”

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The Sirius Business of change

A strong bottom line begins with a solid set of values and a culture that’s intentionally built on those values. We help you identify what’s most important to you, translating that clarity into solid strategies that result in better outcomes for your organisation, your employees, and your clients. That’s integrity. That’s strategic change. That’s Sirius Business.

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